Places of Welcome

Click here to find existing Places of Welcome in Greater Manchester.

Places of Welcome is a network of locations that offer unconditional welcome and hospitality to people in their communities.

The Places of Welcome model began in Birmingham and there are now Place of Welcome networks across Birmingham, Coventry, Sandwell, Tamworth, Walsall, Wolverhampton and the Wirral.

Greater Together Manchester is now supporting the development of a Place of Welcome network across Greater Manchester and Rossendale.

In order to become a Place of Welcome, you must adhere to the guiding principles, known as the 5Ps:


  • Place:  An accessible and hospitable building, open at the same time every week
  • People:  Open to everyone regardless of their circumstances or situation, and staffed by volunteers.
  • Presence:  A place where people actively listen to one another.
  • Provision:  Offering free refreshments (at least a cup of tea and a biscuit) and basic local information.
  • Participation: Recognises that every person coming to a Place of Welcome will bring talents, experiences and skills that they might be willing to share locally.

Useful Resources

Click Here to download our quick guide on setting up a Place of Welcome.

Click Here to download a sample risk assessment for a Place of Welcome. You may also find our Risk Assessment Flowchart useful.

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