Across Greater Manchester, 5,564 people are homeless – 1,804 of these individuals are in Manchester and 1,088 are in Salford – these are people who are either living on the streets or in temporary accommodation.* These figures do not include people who are termed the ‘hidden homeless’, people who are staying with friends or family, or who are ‘sofa surfing’.

Greater Manchester is also considered to be an eviction and repossession hotspot. This problem is highest in Manchester and Salford, with approximately 1 in 62 households are at risk of repossession or eviction.

The homelessness crisis is most obvious in Manchester City Centre, with people sleeping in doorways and under flyovers is a regular sight. Homelessness in Manchester City Centre has dramatically increased over the past 5 years. There are more rough sleepers visible on the city streets. There are more people accessing the support offered by day services such as the Booth Centre, Mustard Tree and Cornerstone.  There are also many people accessing additional outreach projects such as Coffee4Craig.

Homeless in Greater Manchester

Sleeping rough in Greater Manchester

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The Greater Together Manchester Night Shelter is just one of the ways in which Greater Together Manchester has been working with churches and other partners to offer hospitality and shelter to rough sleepers.

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Guests referred to our shelters in 3 seasons.

*Based on 2017-2018 figures of applications made to the local authorities and their decisions.

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